Chosen by Wayne Coyne, the Flaming Lips

“I never knew what the fuck they were talking about in that song, but there’s that line: ‘With the lights out, it’s less dangerous’. It always seemed like there was a lot of violence and sex put together.”


Chosen by Ekhi Lopetegi, Delorean

"El Guincho grew up in the Canary Islands, before moving to Barcelona, where we are also based. This is one of the best summer tracks you can imagine."


Chosen by Graham Norton

“I remember going to America in 1983, my first big adventure. I was on a Greyhound bus and this guy beside me said, ‘Do you want to listen to this?’ I put it on and it was playing ‘Everybody’s Talkin’’ just as we were going over a big bridge. It was a special moment.”


Chosen by Jonny Greenwood, Radiohead

“The Trojan back catalogue is amazing music for summer. You know when you get a compilation and you think, ‘God, there’s hundreds of records out there like this and I bet they’re all this good’? There’s one song called ‘Beautiful & Dangerous’ by Desmond Dekker And The Aces, and it’s probably that.”


Chosen by Bez, Happy Mondays

“Bob Marley’s ‘Rebel Music’ reminds me of being nine years old, walking round the school playground with my girlfriend and a ghetto blaster on my shoulder, blasting out the Marley.”


Chosen by Sam Fogarino, Interpol.

"I love the original, but I actually prefer a cover version by The Sea and Cake. It’s a seamless rendition of the Bowie favourite. Sam Prekop’s vocals take nothing away from the original version but do add a quality previously unheard. This, coupled with John McIntyre’s production aesthetic and massive skill behind the drumkit, could only create a classic of a classic”.


Chosen by Paul Banks, Interpol

“This is one of the most bad-ass songs I know. No vocals except for some soft ‘ooh’-ing. It’s got an amazingly sinister and sexy vibe and it will give you a rush if you listen to it driving fast on a summer night.”


Chosen by Thom Yorke, Radiohead

"I don’t know where the fuck it is now, but I used to have this Prince Buster CD of all the best singles. I remember a friend of mine had this Land Rover and he parked it in the middle of the beach and turned the stereo up and we just had Prince Buster all night on the beach. And that’s my favourite summer music experience. Then the tide came in and he was too wasted to move the Land Rover."


Chosen by: Everything Everything

"All those West coast records are kind of soaked in Californian sunshine. It reminds us of when we first learnt to drive, just driving around in someone's mum's Fiesta, listening to 'Regulate'."


Chosen by Frankie, Frankie And The Heartstrings

"I cannot get this song off my iPod. It's just the perfect song for summer. In fact the whole album is great, I've been recommending it to everyone."


Chosen by Madonna.

“This reminds me of the days of Danceteria, New York. I lived in a tenement apartment and I didn’t have a record deal. I used to go to Danceteria every weekend, trying to meet the DJ or an A&R person to give my tape to. I’d spend all night on the dancefloor in some hideous outfit while all the skinny, fashionable girls threw their drinks on me. But when that song came on, I forgot my humiliation.”


Chosen by Mike Skinner, The Streets.

“Dizzee Rascal, ‘I Luv U’. This tune is true lairyness. Dizzee Rascal is the real deal.”


Chosen by Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth.

"This is such an amazing summer song. It was all about New York, and it came out in 1976 – which was my first summer living like a penniless teenager in New York. All I did was hang out at CBGBs and see the Ramones and Patti Smith and stuff. So that song was a real soundtrack to the time.”


Chosen by Lou Barlow, Sebadoh

“In high school all I listened to was The Birthday Party or whatever, just radical music. But when my friend and I were driving from Massachusetts to Maine to visit someone, we listened to Neil Young’s ‘Harvest’ the whole time. It was the summer feeling after I graduated so I was feeling liberated, driving my parents’ station wagon at, like, 180mph, listening to that record.”


Chosen by Andy Bell, ex-Oasis

“That time when ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Slide Away’ came out was just so exciting and the music enhanced it all so much. I was in Ride then, we were just splitting up and my life was getting kind of empty in that way.
Often we’d go on a road trip and all we’d need was the Oasis tape and a stereo. We’d stick it on, drink loads of vodka then go out to a club where they’d be playing it too.”


Chosen by Chris Martin, Coldplay

"This is an amazing summer song. Sometimes I listen to it and think, ‘God, we haven’t got a song as good as that.’”


Chosen by Carl Barat, The Libertines.

“We’ll start with ‘Love Street’ by The Doors, which is a great, really sweet song. After that it’s probably ‘Cool It Down’ by The Velvet Underground from the ‘Loaded’ album, which is quite laid-back and lazy. The last one has to be The Small Faces’ ‘The Universal’, to wrap it all off nicely.”


Chosen by Lemmy, Motorhead

“I remember that song from the summer of ’67; that and Love’s album ‘Forever Changes’ as well. What made it so great? Well, I was young. When you’re young, you’re free, you’ve got nothing to worry about, every summer’s a great summer.”


Chosen by Stuart Braithwaite, Mogwai

“As you could probably imagine, my record collection is chock-a-block with summer anthems. I bought Primal Scream’s ‘Higher Than The Sun’ the day it came out, though was I higher than the sun?
Probably not… oh, actually I was, but I’m not going to talk about it. I was only 14. I went to see them around that time and they were outrageously good. That’s probably the best single of the 90s.”


Liam Gallagher, ex-Oasis

"The best summer song? Dodgy, 'Staying Out For The Summer'. No, I'll go with 'She Bangs The Drums'. That whole album. Best summer ever. Mad for it.”

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