We were onstage with The Arctic Monkeys, up all night at Block 9, down the front at all the secret sets and face down in the mud with the backstage stars. Now here's our massive round-up of the best weekend of the year, including reviews of Primal Scream, Mumford, Tame Impala, Chic, Disclosure, Haim and many more, Peace's guide to becoming a Glasto hippy and four – count 'em – reviewers tackle that legendary Stones set. Plus, we ask Nile Rogers why the hell he didn't play 'Get Lucky'. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]''IT'S A PRETTY CRUCIAL POINT IN OUR CAREER…'' - MGMT RETURN![/subhead] Child sacrifices! Opium addiction! Zen meditation! Following their difficult but influential second album 'Congratulations', NYC's MGMT fill us in on the influences behind their brilliantly challenging self-titled third album. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]BECK'S BACK![/subhead] Beck Hansen talks us through his new series of 12-inch singles and playing with an orchestra in space-suits. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]DEERHUNTER TAKE-OVER[/subhead] The immense Atlantans play three albums in full at All Tomorrow's Parties, but which was best? [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]THE BIRTH OF THE ANTI-STAR[/subhead] LA's rising Springsteen rockers Papa tell Radar why they'd ''rather live as a monk than a rock star''. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]PLUS![/subhead] Andrew WK's 24-hour drum solo! A dig through Wayne Coyne's biggest influences! Fuck Buttons and Janelle Monae interviewed! And These New Puritans, Frank Turner, Patti Smith, Ruen Brothers, Sky Ferreira, Hebronix, Daughn Gibson and the Pussy Riot documentary reviewed!

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