In the secret studio and on the road in Ibiza, million-selling dance sensations Disclosure tell NME about being control freaks, not selling out and making "super-future-mooncore-tech-garage". But how come Howard Lawrence is always getting thrown out of his own gigs? How do they deal with internet trolls? And what they hell were they doing in the Cotswolds? [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]LOOK MA, THEY'RE SUPERSTARS![/subhead] Fresh from a mystery illness that almost stopped him playing live music ever again, Jono Ma and his Jagwar Ma bandmate Gabriel Winterfield revel in their life-changing Glastonbury success, let on how Foals kick-started their band, recall their 24-hour rave-ups in Berlin techno sex clubs and reveal how their debut album 'Howlin' "shares a heritage" with baggy... [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]"WHEN DEAD BLEW HIS BRAINS OFF IT WAS THE GREATEST ACT OF PROMOTION HE EVER DID FOR US..."[/subhead] Photographing gruesome suicide scenes. Burning churches. Sniffing roadkill. Murdering rivals. Welcome to the warped and wicked world of Norwegian black metal, as NME traces the history of the world's darkest ever rock scene. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]"YOU'D PROBABLY HAVE THE NEXT BIG SERIAL KILLER LISTENING TO US"[/subhead] Drenge take NME on a tour of their Peak District hometown while discussing their secret past playing Keane covers, supporting the Stones and how their "sawtoothed sludge-rock" could really shake things up in their scenic surroundings. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]HANDCUFFS, COPS AND KICKABOUTS WITH ROBBIE[/subhead] Ahead of the release of their new compilation album, Belle & Sebastian relive the weird and wonderful tales from their Rough Trade years including the girl they accidentally handcuffed to some railings and their regular LA footie games with Robbie Williams, and how they almost made a massive summer club mix of 'Do They Know It's Christmas'. [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]STOKING THE STROKES[/subhead] As the release of his new solo EP approaches, Albert Hammond Jr hints that there's life in the old Strokes yet, while also revealing all about his battle with drugs [centred]NME[/centred]

[subhead]PLUS![/subhead] Anna Calvi talks depression, death and her "out-of-control" new album! Harry White Lies tackles our Braincells quiz! Rock stars celebrate the start of the new football season! Baillif-turned-glitchtronic-star Sivu repossesses Radar! And Drenge, The Horrors, Scott & Charlene's Wedding, No Age, Ty Segall, Beck, Bosnian Rainbows and Metz get the NME review treatment! [centred]NME[/centred]

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