B-Side feat. Kymberley Kennedy - Dope Rider (Second Hand Audio) video

Dope Rider is track 03 from the single "Dope Rider (feat. Kymberley Kennedy)" which is available on Ghetto Funk.<br /> <a rel='nofollow' href="http://x.kud.li/gfd08" title="DIRECT DOWNLOAD">[DIRECT DOWNLOAD]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a rel='nofollow' href="http://it.kud.li/gfd08" title="BUY NOW ON ITUNES">[ITUNES]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a rel='nofollow' href="http://muzu.kud.li/GFD08/channel" title="MUZU Aritst Channel">[ARTIST CHANNEL]</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;<a rel='nofollow' href="http://muzu.kud.li/GFD08/4" title="skip to the next track on this release">[NEXT TRACK &gt;&gt;]</a><br /> This is an official audio stream from <a rel='nofollow' href="http://label.kud.li/Ghetto+Funk" target="_blank" title="Label Website">Ghetto Funk.</a> Distributed by <a rel='nofollow' href="http://www.kudosdistribution.co.uk" target="_blank" title="Kudos Distribution">Kudos</a>.<br /> <br /> <b>About This Release:</b><br /> "I need your boots, your clothes...;and your motorcycle". Said B-Side when he kicked in the front door to Ghetto Funk HQ. Christ almighty!<br /> We'd sent him out with Kymberley Kennedy, General Narco, Second Hand Audio and a photographer to take some 'post-apocalyptical' style promo shots for his new Dope Rider EP (Game changer by the way). Turns out the photographer couldn't decide on a location and in a fit of drunken pique, General Narco actually set off a small nuclear device and started World War 3! He's a proper bag of nutters that one.<br /> Kymberley went a bit mental and started stock piling all the guns. Being ultra tech savvy and down right sensible, Second Hand Audio sent B-Side back in time to kill the photographer and repair the damage so all's well that ends well!<br /> So if you see a mentatllst with big hair riding down your street on a child's tricycle, tell him you loved his new EP and avoid eye contact.<br /> -GFHQ<br /> (Now taking applications for a new photographer)

Running time: 03:52   Video Tags: dance bside feat kymberley kennedy dope rider second hand audio

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