2nd February 2008

The third single to be taken from Colin MacIntyre's album 'The Water'. 'You're A Star'is the title track for Trainspotting author Irvine Welshs hilarious new ITV mockumentary comedy drama, Good Arrows, aired Jan 30th,10pm on ITV4, on week of the single release. Good Arrows is set in South Wales, where the world of minor celebrity meets the world of professional darts. The video for Youre A Star is directed by Balazs Bolygo (Life On Mars), and Irvine Welsh, and features Colin and moments from the film, starring Jonanthan Owen (Wedding Belles, Shameless), as Andy The Arrows Samson, Katy Brand (Katy Brands Big Ass Show) and Brian Hibbard (Twin Town, Revolver) and is Welshs directorial debut on a feature film. It features the mysterious Jenkem, the ultimate credit crunch drug. The film also features Colins MHS hit, The Final Arrears. It airs during the World Darts Championship. Video Edited by Balazs Bolygo. www.colinmacintyre.com

Running Time: 300

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