9th October 2015

The 6th official music video for WEAK13 titled Wake Down. Directed by Chris Stone for British band WEAK13. Produced by Craig Leonard. http://weak13.site4fans.com WEAK13 -Wake Doan The WAKE DOWN track is a minefield of creative sounds. First written way back in 2000, Nick decided ten years later to attempt to record a super version of this song which he had been playing live on the gig circuit since the millennium. Inspired by many trips to underground raves at the Q Club in Birmingham (United Kingdom) and a love of mixing music together. A combination of Thrash metal, Mid 90's techno, Industrial music and pure experimentation. This battlefield of styles was designed to sound like a war of different music all fighting for glory. The final stages of the song which gives the listener a gentle clean guitar breakdown over the top of cry-like sounds using improvised guitar pick scrapes and swells "To record the first half of WAKE DOWN we had to use a lot of interesting equipment such as a BOSS DR5 drum machine. I wanted the drums and guitars to sound like bullets being fired from a cannon or like something you'd hear during trench warfare during world war 1, towards the end I wanted the guitars to sound like the distant screams of soldiers in the trenches" Nick actually broke down in tears towards the end of the song, a memory came to him of himself standing over the body of his then mother-in-law who had died. He was the second person to discover her body and seconds later he had to inform his then partner that her mother had passed away.

Running Time: 275

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