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Premiere: Day Wave's New Single 'Come Home Now' Is A Bittersweet Mix Of Serenity And Longing

"People always say don't be so blunt," sings Jackson Phillips aka Oakland solo artist Day Wave on his new single, 'Come Home Now'. The track is the antithesis to anything curt, though; a soft, swooning mix of jangly guitars, gentle "woo-hoo-hoo"s and lo-fi, sun-bleached production. It's sweet and serene - the perfect soundtrack for beach-lounging and laidback summer evenings – but also full of longing. "She said darling, come home now/'Cos you've been away too long," opens the aching chorus.

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Premiere: Danish Punk Crew Yung Thrash And Rage On Blistering New Track 'God'

Back in March, Yung frontman Mikkel Holm Silkjær was screaming the chorus to 'God' just before midnight on a dreary Monday. The punk quartet, from Aarhus in Denmark, were due to play east London's Old Blue Last, but a power cut forced them to head down the road to The Shacklewell Arms. The crowd was drunk and the gig was a chaotic mess. But it was brilliant, and 'God' – a two-and-a-half-minute headache of guitars, drums and Mikkel's throat-ripping screams – was one of the best songs they played.

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Danish Psych, Unsettling Ambient And Portuguese Wonky House: DFA Records' Kris Peterson On His Favourite New Discoveries

Most music festivals keep punters sated during the summer months with sunlight, overpriced beer, and polite applause for polite bands playing polite music. This is not the case in Santa Ana, CA at Berserktown II. The roster is quite unique, with mostly punk, metal, and noise acts - some highlights being Aussie post-punks Total Control, the activist punk band Downtown Boys, and the Arizona guitar army Destruction Unit. There was no branding, sponsorship, VIP areas, or any of the trappings of a typical fest, and nearly 50+ acts of varying level of terror and obscurity. One of my new finds was Appetite, a duo consisting of writer/photographer Jane Chardiet and DJ/promoter Ciarra Black. Over the course of the performance, most of a bottle of red wine was consumed (then regurgitated) as caustic pulses and throbs occasionally gave way to traditional 4/4 percussion.

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Premiere: Toronto’s HSY Step Out Of The Shadows On New Single ‘Feeder’

Unlike some of their more melodic Toronto peers – I’m thinking Waives, Dilly Dally – HSY are all about the loudness. The self-proclaimed sludge rockers, who’ve expanded to a fourpiece since their 2011 start, are gearing up to release debut album ‘Bask’ next month (September 11). Out via Buzz Records, the second single ‘Feeder’ premieres below, featuring the lead vocals of Anna Mayberry – a witchy, evocative singer who you might also know from the reverb-drenched Anamai.

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Premiere: Soft Lit’s Video For ‘Ocean King’ Signals Godmode Records’ Coming Of Age

If the stomping drums of Shamir’s early material got you going, then fellow Godmode Records act Soft Lit should be right up your street. Early track ‘I Can’t Help It’ has been on my radar for some time now, it’s storming chorus supplemented by a Stax-esque groove that’s little short of sounding like something Rick Ruben might keep in his back pocket.

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