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Premiere: Toronto’s HSY Step Out Of The Shadows On New Single ‘Feeder’

Unlike some of their more melodic Toronto peers – I’m thinking Waives, Dilly Dally – HSY are all about the loudness. The self-proclaimed sludge rockers, who’ve expanded to a fourpiece since their 2011 start, are gearing up to release debut album ‘Bask’ next month (September 11). Out via Buzz Records, the second single ‘Feeder’ premieres below, featuring the lead vocals of Anna Mayberry – a witchy, evocative singer who you might also know from the reverb-drenched Anamai.

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Premiere: Soft Lit’s Video For ‘Ocean King’ Signals Godmode Records’ Coming Of Age

If the stomping drums of Shamir’s early material got you going, then fellow Godmode Records act Soft Lit should be right up your street. Early track ‘I Can’t Help It’ has been on my radar for some time now, it’s storming chorus supplemented by a Stax-esque groove that’s little short of sounding like something Rick Ruben might keep in his back pocket.

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Guest Columnist: Jagwar Ma Pick Their Favourite New Bands

Radar Playlist

Australia is a strange place at the moment. While the economy booms and property prices soar, political and cultural progress seems to retreat. At a local level our hometown of Sydney becomes more and more conservative, seeing the closure of many great establishments as property developers use their clout to influence council restrictions that have pushed and pressed the artistic nightlife almost completely out of town.

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New Band Of The Week: White On Sounding Like 'Cocaine' And Escaping The Clutches Of Lana Del Rey

Radar Band Of The Week

White have been a hard band to pin down thus far. There’s the name, of course, which conveys nothing but a resistance to search engines, and seems deliberately at odds with the neon-streaked electro-funk of the group’s first two singles. Until fairly recently, their identities were just as elusive – no pictures, no performances, nada. When new bands go to such lengths, it’s usually because no-one cares who they are anyway. For White, however, it was more about making a clean break from the past.

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New Music Playlist: Bill Ryder-Jones

Radar Columnist

I often get the chance to work with unsigned bands, often during their first time in a conventional studio. So I’ll most likely be focusing on those groups in this column. Most likely, at a later point, I’ll run out of unsigned groups to talk about and will mention some of my (very talented) friends bands (By The Sea, Stealing Sheep, Hooton Tennis Club, MiNNETONKA etc).

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