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New Music Of The Day: Tsar B's Debut EP Is A Bold Introduction Into A Wicked And Special Musical Mind

There are some records that are so dark and so forward-thinking that you wonder if they could have ever been made by a human. Tsar B's debut EP - a twisted mess of threatening violins, off-kilt chord progressions and distorted vocals - is one of them. Basically it's the deliciously dark R&B replacement for the FKA Twigs-sized hole in your life right now.

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Softer Still Embrace Dream Pop On Stunning New Single 'Bliss' (Premiere)

It’s perhaps easy to describe Softer Still merely as ‘dream pop’. Their debut single ‘New Age’ was awash with hazy guitars and distorted vocals - but it was never a sound that they had never set out to make. “We get described as 'dream pop' more than anything else and feel the label is apt, although falling into this category is more accidental and natural than intentional,” says guitarist and vocalist Grant Williams.

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New Music Of The Day: Mild High Club's Creepy, Entrancing New Track 'Kokopelli' (Premiere)

This Friday (Aug 26), Mild High Club will release their second album ‘Skiptracing’, the follow-up to last year’s dreamy debut ‘Timeline’. How does frontman and multi instrumentalist Alexander Brettin best describe the new record’s narrative? It’s about a “private investigator attempting to trace the steps of the sound and the spirit of American music.” Freaky. We’re in.

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Watch Blaenavon's Twisted And Bloody New Video For 'Let's Pray' (Premiere)

There’s not many bands that will actually put their career on hold while they finish school. In fact, it's usually the opposite. When we last spoke to Blaenavon they discussed how they had to juggle their studies and being one of the UK’s most engrossing new groups. Now, they’ve deferred their uni spots and are putting everything into the band.

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