50 Cent being sued for releasing sex tape

Legal action filed against rapper after alleged website post

50 Cent is set to return to acting, having landed a role in a remake of the French-language film '13 Tzameti'. The rapper will appear alongside Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham in the movie, which is to be remaned '13', and will be directed by Gela Babluani. Pic: PA Photos
50 Cent is being sued for unlawful distribution of a sex tape.

A claim has been filed against the rapper by Florida resident Lastonia Leviston, who claims he posted a 2008 video of her with a lover on his website, blurring out the lover's face and narrating it himself, reports Associated Press.

She is suing for unauthorised use of her name or image and emotional distress.

Lawyers for 50 Cent, who is alleged to have edited the video to appear in it wearing a wig and a robe, are yet to comment.

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