ABBA's 'Gold' named UK's all-time best selling CD

The Swedish band's greatest hits collection has sold more CDs than Adele's '21'

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ABBA's greatest hits collection 'Gold', has been named the UK's all-time best selling CD.

The collection has sold four million copies in the UK, according to new figures from the BPI, putting it half a million copies ahead of Adele's '21', which has sold 3.5 million copies in the same format.

The third best selling CD on the list is Oasis' second LP, 'What's The Story Morning Glory?', which has racked up 3.4 million in CD sales.

Today (October 1) marks the 30th birthday of the compact disc. The world's very first CD players were announced on today's date in 1982 in Japan.

The Vaccines recently released a cover of ABBA's classic single 'The Winner Takes It All' on a brand-new EP.

The free EP, titled 'Please, Please Do Not Disturb', is available to download from the band's official website TheVaccines.co.uk.

Gossip singer Beth Ditto revealed that her band's most recent album was influenced by ABBA. The singer said to the Guardian that she had been listening to the Swedish popstars while recording 'A Joyful Noise'.

She said: "That's the thing about ABBA. There is zero rawness. That's so incredible to me. I think I'm really infatuated with that right now because that's not the music I usually listen to. It never caught my attention before."

The top 30 best-selling CDs in the UK are:

1. ABBA, 'Gold: Greatest Hits' (1992) – 4.04m
2. Adele, '21' (2011) – 3.55m
3. Oasis, 'What’s The Story Morning Glory' (1995) - 3.43m
4. Amy Winehouse, 'Back To Black' (2006) – 3.23m
5. James Blunt, 'Back To Bedlam' (2004) – 3.21m
6. Dido, 'No Angel' (2000) – 3.03m
7. Shania Twain, 'Come On Over' (1997) – 3.03m
8. Leona Lewis, 'Spirit' (2007) – 2.95m
9. The Verve, 'Urban Hymns' (1997) – 2.90m
10. David Gray, 'White Ladder' (2000) – 2.88m
11. Dido, 'Life For Rent' (2003) – 2.86m
12. The Beatles, '1' (2000) – 2.85m
13. Coldplay, 'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' (2000) – 2.76m
14. Take That, 'Beautiful World' (2006) – 2.74m
15. Keane, 'Hopes And Fears' (2007) – 2.73m
16. Michael Buble, 'Crazy Love' (2009) – 2.73m
17. Scissor Sisters, 'Scissor Sisters' (2004) – 2.71m
18. The Corrs, 'Talk On Corners' (1997) – 2.65m
19. Coldplay, 'X&Y' (2005) – 2.61m
20. Travis, 'The Man Who' (1999) – 2.55m
21. Coldplay, 'Parachutes' (2000) – 2.48m
22. Lady Gaga. 'The Fame' (2009) – 2.48m
23. Norah Jones, 'Come Away With Me' (2002) – 2.47m
24. Kings of Leon, 'Only By The Night' (2008) – 2.40m
25. Robbie Williams, 'I’ve Been Expecting You' (1998) – 2.38m
26. Robbie Williams, 'Greatest Hits' (2004) – 2.27m
27. Robbie Williams, 'Swing When You’re Winning' (2001) – 2.32m
28. Eminem, 'The Marshall Mathers LP' (2000) – 2.23m
29. Snow Patrol, 'Eyes Open' – (2006) – 2.22m
30. George Michael – 'Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best Of...' (1998) – 2.20m

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