Adam Ant sectioned under the Mental Health Act

Singer receiving treatment at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

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Adam Ant has reportedly been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

The former Adam & The Ants singer, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has been hospitalised and is currently receiving treatment in the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, reports The Music Fix.

The news comes only a week after the singer told a church congregation to 'fuck off' during charity gig.

"Ant fans - please send me postcards at the Chelsea & Westminster hospital, Fulham Road," Ant said in a statement. "Please don't come down here as it may upset the staff who have been really pleasant."

He added: "I am having a well earned rest at Her Majesty's Pleasure and am painting and continuing being an art student. I have a great view and am considering gigs later in the year."

Adam Ant, whose real name is Stuart Goddard, was previously sectioned in 2003.

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