Adele has to restart a song after she sings it wrong during Glastonbury headline set

'River Lea' had to be started again and still suffered mistakes afterwards


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Adele has had to restart a song during her Glastonbury headline set after singing the words wrong.

She halted 'River Lea' very shortly into it and asked her band if they could begin again.

"Can we start that one again? I'm out of breath, I'm not used to all that dancing!" she said.

"Also an excuse to wipe my sweaty top lip," she added.

Even after she'd restarted it, she made mistakes, but didn't stop another time. "Shit, I get that wrong," she said at one point, before laughing it off and continuing.

"That was the perfect time to fuck up a song," she joked afterwards, before heading down to the barrier to take a fez hat off a fan and put it on.
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