Aphex Twin begins mysterious month-long countdown

A new album or just another doomsday clock?

Aphex Twin – otherwise known as Richard D. James – has launched a curious countdown clock on his website today.

At time of writing (June 5), the clock has 31 days left on it but what this countdown is leading to nobody knows.

As Crack report, hardcore fans over on Reddit are speculating that the clock could be counting down to an announcement for a collaborative project with electronic musician Jlin. The conspiracy sleuths deduce this from a new track that Aphex Twin played during Primavera Sound which contains segments of a Jlin track.

Listen to Aphex Twin’s new song, which begins at 54:12, and Jlin’s track below.

Bleep Mix // Mike Paradinas – An Hour of Jlin by Bleep

On the occasion of Jlin’s (@Jlinnarlei) incredible Black Origami on @PlanetMurecords being our Album Of The Week, label head Mike Paradinas (@mikep) has given us a one hour mix of strictly the sound of Jlin.

Aphex Twin appeared at Field Day this weekend (June 3) for his first live set in five years. NME described the performance: ‘Distorted video of the wide-eyed crowd plays out on the screens of the venue as lasers pan across the long-awaited gig but the man himself is focussed on delivering his set, with mind-blowing tunes of his own taking pride of place alongside the likes of Kamixlo and Plastician.”

Last month, Aphex Twin teased a mysterious project through London’s NTS Radio, uploading a video which distorts a vocal sample of Rhythm Controll’s 1987 Chicago house classic ‘My House’. The teaser features the NTS logo, the word “soon” and links to a password-protected website.

Richard D. James last released a full-length album in 2014 with ‘Syro’ while an EP, ‘Cheetah’, arrived in July 2016. He also shared new track ‘4xAtlantis take1’ in April.