‘Back To The Future’ almost had a very different title

The leaked memo with an alternate title has re-emerged on Reddit

‘Back To The Future’ is one of the most iconic titles in cinematic history, but it could have all been very different.

A leaked memo, which has recently re-surfaced on Reddit, shows that Universal chief Sid Sheinberg wasn’t happy with the title and felt that it sounded a bit too much like a ‘genre film’. Instead, he proposed that the film should be called ‘Space Man From Pluto’ – which is decidedly less snappier than the eventual title.

He wrote: “I am sure there will be those who will argue that the movie will appear to the audience to be a cheap, old-fashion sci-fi flick. Nonsense! I think it’s a kind of title that has ‘heat, originality and packs fun’.

“Most importantly I think it avoids the feeling of a ‘genre’ time-travel movie.”

Spielberg reportedly sent a memo back to Sheinberg to thank him for the ‘humourous memo’, and told him that that the production crew had laughed at it.The iconic director reasoned that Sheinberg would be too embarrassed to push the point further – and it ultimately worked.

Another fan theory recently emerged that suggested that suggested that Marty McFly’s parents were aware that he was a time-traveller all along.

Last year, it emerged that Nike were planning to release their own ‘self-lacing’ trainers, as seen in the ‘Back To The Future’ film franchise.

 The Nike Mags are completed with “individually responsive ‘power laces’” that sense the foot and lace automatically – a concept first imagined in the film three decades ago.