Beth Jeans Houghton changes her name to Du Blonde and announces new album

Singer said new identity is 'one step closer to assuming my ultimate form'

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Beth Jeans Houghton has changed her name to Du Blonde and revealed that she will release a new album this spring.

Speaking about the change, Houghton said: "This is a new sound, a new project. Du Blonde is a new incarnation and one step closer to assuming my ultimate form. Having freed myself from the rusty and bloody shackles of Beth Jeans Houghton – both musically and spiritually – I felt it only right to step forth under a new name and let the rituals commence."

The new album, which will be a follow-up to 2012's 'Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose', will be released sometime in the spring via Mute Records. You can watch a teaser video for Du Blonde's first single below.

Speaking to NME at the beginning of the year, the Newcastle-raised singer-songwriter revealed that in the three years since '...Cellophane Nose', she has moved to and returned from LA and written and scrapped a full album. Her second album is produced by Bad Seed Jim Sclavunos. Of the sound, Houghton said: "I have a lot of aggression I need to release. This record is a lot heavier, dirtier, more direct and less whimsical."
Beth Jeans Houghton - 'Sweet Tooth Bird' (Live)
Video: Beth Jeans Houghton - 'Sweet Tooth Bird' (Live)

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