Björk drums for Sigur Rós at Icelandic homecoming

Icelandic stars unite at free outdoor concert

Sigur Ros 2
Bjork and Sigur Ros thrilled a woolly jumper-clad crowd in Reykjavik on Saturday night (June 28) in a free concert to celebrate nature.

The open-air Nattura festival was staged to raise awareness about the impact of Aluminium smelting activity on Iceland's landscape.

The increasingly chilly temperatures did not dampen the spirits of the good-natured crowd, who basked in the super-bright sunlight as Radium – a soundscape project featuring members of Ghostigital, including Bjork's ex-Sugarcubes bandmate Einar Örn - and folk warbler Ólöf Arnalds warmed up the audience.

Sigur Ros, sporting elaborate headgear, then played a set largely drawn from their new album 'Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust'.

They were joined by Bjork, who drummed on the band's track 'Gobbledigook'.

The singer then took to the stage for her own spell-binding set, despite suffering from a bad cold, which featured Einar Örn on trumpet for 'I Miss You'.

Bjork played:

'Brennið þið vitar'
'Earth Intruders'
'Pagan Poetry'
'The Pleasure Is All Mine'
'Army Of Me'
'Triumph Of The Heart'
'I Miss You'
'Triumph of the Heart'
'Declare Independence'

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