Perez Hilton sues Black Eyed Peas' manager

Celebrity blogger seeks thousands of dollars in damages

Gossip blog king Perez Hilton. The web pundit declared himself a fan of NME's naked Beth Ditto cover but questioned the magazine's admiration of Pete Doherty.
Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has filed suit against the Black Eyed Peas' manager in Los Angeles today (June 24), accusing him of assault.

Hilton, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, claims that Polo Molina attacked him outside Toronto's Cobra Club earlier this week because of negative comments he made about the band's new album.

Hilton alleges battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and is seeking unspecified damages in excess of $25,000, reports the Associated Press. He is also seeking to protect his rights to free speech, according to papers filed in the suit.

Molina was arrested on Monday, and Hilton posted a video account of the incident on his website, as previously reported.

--By our Los Angeles staff.
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