Carbon/Silicon and The Dodos confirmed for V Festival

Team Waterpolo and Iglu And Hartley also play Sessions Stage

The final acts for V Festival's Sessions Stage have been announced.

Carbon/Silicon, The Dodos and Team Waterpolo will perform at both legs of the festival on the Chelmsford and Stafford sites.

Iglu And Hartley, Infadels, Attic Lights, Das Pop and Sparkadia will also perform over the two-day event (August 16 to 17).

The bands playing include:

Beat Company
Bryn Christopher
Attic Lights
Team Waterpolo
One Eskimo
Lost Boys
The Midway State
Julian Velard
The New York Fund Gary Go
The Dodos
Iglu And Hartley
Das Pop
The Rushes
Animal Kingdom
The Troubadors
Arno Carstens
The Hazey Janes
Sons Of Albion

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