Chance The Rapper and Spike Lee feud over 'Chi-Raq' movie Get Tickets

The Chicago rapper previously called the film "exploitative and problematic"

Jess Baumung/NME
Photo: Jess Baumung/NME

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Chance The Rapper and Spike Lee have been feuding over the latter's film, Chi-Raq.

Chicago rapper Chance had previously called the movie "exploitative and problematic" to which Lee responded by calling out his father's association with the city's mayor.

Chi-Raq is a modern day adaptation of Lysistrata, an ancient Greek play written by Aristophanes, set in a Chicago filled with gang violence.

As Pitchfork reports, during a talk at Northwestern University, Lee called Chance a "straight-up fraud".

Now, Chance has hit back on Twitter, claiming the director "begged" him to be in the movie, while also calling the film out as "sexist" and "racist".

"Come on now This guy promoting this offensive unsuccessful flop of a movie ... about the Southside...in fucking Evanston..." he wrote. "And then get mad when students at the screening challenge him on his sexist, and RACIST movie and he wanna point the finger at me."

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