[b]The Pretenders[/b] frontwoman escapes punishment after her protest against the [b]Gap[/b] clothing chain...

Charges of criminal mischief against Chrissie Hynde were dropped by a judge in MANHATTAN CRIMINAL COURT yesterday (May 23), on condition that she is not arrested again in the next six months, according to US reports.

As previously reported on nme.com, The Pretenders' frontwoman was arrested on March 9 after allegedly destroying merchandise at Gap's flagship New York store and pulling clothes off mannequins as part of a protest, along with three other members of animal rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, against what they described as the use of leather from abused and illegal slaughtered Indian cows by the clothing giant.

Associated Press quote Hynde as commenting: "We are glad we've made our point, we highlighted an issue," on leaving the Court.

Hynde is flying into the UK this week to join dance trio Hybrid on stage for their cover of Pretenders track 'Kid' at the Homelands festival in Winchester on Saturday (May 27).

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