Dr Bowie announces that he's written 100 new songs - 50 bad and 50 good...

David Bowie joins Iron Maiden and Mogwai in the club of bands/artists to feature in video games.

Bowie composed the original music for Omikron: The Nomad Soul, a sci fi adventure game set for release by games company Eidos in October. He also plays one of the characters - Boz, the virtual being - and Bowie and his band appear playing in the streets of Omikron City.

Meanwhile, the real life David Bowie - or Dr Bowie, after being awarded an honorary degree from the Berkeley College Of Music - is reported to have written over a hundred new songs and is currently working on a new album. Speaking at the press conference to launch the game, Bowie said that 50 of the songs were bad, though 50 were good.

US web site SonicNet[/url] claimed that the first single from the new set would be called 'The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell'.

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