Director Marc Webb discusses ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ sequels

Marc Webb reveals that he made 'The Amazing Spider-Man' with future films in mind

Director Marc Webb has revealed that he made The Amazing Spider-Man with ideas for sequels in mind.

The superhero reboot, starring British actor Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, opens today (July 3) in the UK and US. Webb told The Hollywood Reporter that he “wanted to create a universe that works in and of itself for one movie”, but also admitted that he “wanted to create a universe that not only can withstand but anticipate future storylines”.

Discussing future films in the rebooted franchise, he explained: “Movies like this tend to have sequels, [though] ultimately the audience will tell us if they want one. But I kind of thought it was an interesting thing to anticipate those storylines and think about the backstories and how we can parlay those into an ongoing story.”

However, Webb also admitted that it would be “tricky” to invent an entirely new villain for future Spider-Man films. “I think you have to be pretty protective of the canon when it comes to villains,” he said. “And Spider-Man has a great rogues gallery, so there’s a lot to choose from.”

Last week Garfield revealed that he is keen to star in a second Spider-Man film. He also confirmed that the sequel has a planned release date, May 2014, but there is no currently no script.