Your ever-generous [b]nme.com[/b] gives you a chance to own a track from the band's new album [b]'The Menace'[/b] weeks before it's released...

ELASTICA are giving away a brand new track today on nme.com, four weeks before the release of their new album.

The track is called 'Your Arse, My Place' and features on their long awaited second LP 'The Menace', which is released April 3 through Deceptive.

To access the track, all you have to do is [url=/newsdesk/elastica0300.html" onClick="box();" TARGET="box]click here[/url] and fill in your e-mail address. We will arrange to have the track sent straight to your mailbox.

Speaking recently to nme.com, Elastica vocalist Justine Frischmann said 'Your Arse, My Place' was written for a Radio One session with veteran DJ John Peel. She said: "Some of my favourite songs are written around 12 bar stuff... It's the first time I've used 12-bar blues."

Elastica embark on a full UK tour in April, calling at: Leeds Cockpit (April 8). Manchester MDH (9), Wolverhampton Wulfren Hall (10), Oxford Zodiac (11), London Forum (13), Northampton Roadmender (15), Sheffield Leadmill (16), Norwich Waterfront (17), Cambridge Junction (18) and Dublin Temple Bar Music Centre (May 11). The band are also tipped to play both the Glastonbury and V2000 festivals this summer.

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