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Rapper labelled "Bad Example" by Evening Post over comments on northern town

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Example has become involved in a row with the people of Wigan, culminating in a front cover of the Wigan Evening Post headlined "Bad Example".

The disagreement kicked off when the rapper stated on Twitter that he receives more abuse from residents of the northern town than any other place in the UK. He asked his 1.5m followers if any nice people lived in Wigan as all he hears from the people there are death threats. However, the Wigan Evening Post took exception to Example's words and put him on the cover of their newspaper on Tuesday (November 6).

Under the headline "Bad Example", the newspaper says that the rapper has managed to "Offend the whole town" with his Tweets. The paper reports: "Wigan was left stunned after a rap star blasted the town on Twitter. Example caused widespread anger among locals."

Scroll down the page to see Example's Tweets, the Wigan Evening Post cover and some feedback from the local residents.

Example recently had to cancel a number of live shows while he recovered from a leg injury. The rapper and singer has pulled nine gigs due to his Achilles tendonitis – a condition which causes pain in the back of the leg

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