‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ will be rated R in the US

Bruce Willis returns as no-nonsense cop John McClane on Valentine's Day this year (2013)

A Good Day To Die Hard will be rated R in the US, reports Collider.

R stands for “restricted”, meaning anyone under the age of 17 will only be admitted to a screening if accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. It is roughly equivalent to an 18 rating in the UK.

The first three Die Hard films were all rated R, but the last instalment, 2007’s Live Free And Die Hard, received a softer PG-13 rating. This suggests Bruce Willis will not be pulling his punches – or minding his language – in his latest appearance as no-nonsense cop John McClane.

A Good Day To Die Hard follows McClane and his son Jack, played by former Spartacus star Jai Courtney, as they battle terrorist forces in Russia. It has a script by Skip Woods, whose previous credits include X-Men Origins: Wolverine and GI Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Irish director John Moore is at the helm, taking over the chair from Len Wiseman, who helmed the last Die Hard flick.

A Good Day To Die Hard is scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day this year (2013). Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the latest trailer.