A Huddersfield witchcraft shop has banned Harry Potter fans because wands aren’t toys

One fan has said they want to take the shop to court

Owners of a witchcraft shop in Huddersfield have banned fans of Harry Potter.

Richard Carter, who owns the store Mystical Moments, is refusing to sell his “spiritual tools” to fans of JK Rowling’s book and film series because they aren’t toys.

The items in Carter’s shop are handmade and created while he is “controlled by the spirits”. He told The Telegraph that his shop does not cater for those “who have been Harry Potterfied”.

Carter says he only wants true believers in magic to visit his shop and that he can tell if customers are merely trying to buy a wand for Potter-related reasons by their aura.

He said: “JK Rowling has obviously done her research but Harry Potter is for children. It has done nothing for business.

“You wouldn’t believe how many real witches and wizards there are knocking about. You would be amazed. They know they can come here in reveal themselves without people thinking they’re mental.”