John Sloss will perform "customary chores" for ticket buyers

John Sloss, producer on new film Boyhood, has offered movie-goers their money back if they do not like the film.

Boyhood was released in cinemas last week (July 11) and features scenes shot by director Richard Linklater across a period of 12 years as lead actor Ellar Coltrane went through adolescence. The film has gained rave reviews from critics and fans alike yet Sloss is still offering a guarantee to those who beg to differ.

Writing on a mail-out (via The Hollywood Reporter) to people signed up to his mailing list, Sloss states:

“In recognition of this auspicious event, I am offering any recipient of the email (strictly non-transferable) my patented ‘Time Back Guarantee,’ last offered, I believe, in connection with the theatrical release of Exit Through The Gift Shop.”

He added: “”That’s right, if you are not absolutely thrilled by Boyhood and/or consider it not to be a good use of your time, I will give you that time back by performing any of your customary chores for up to 2 hours and 43 minutes.”

Boyhood also features Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette.