Brad Pitt’s WWII film ‘Fury’ criticised for filming battle scene on Remembrance Sunday

The movie is currently filming in the Oxfordshire countryside

The Brad Pitt-starring WWII action film Fury has received criticism after filming on Remembrance Sunday.

The film was reportedly shooting a battle scene until 4am on Remembrance Day, despite the fact that the parish council of the village of Watlington requested that they stop filming for the weekend as a mark of respect, reports The Mirror. Due for release in November 2014, the film, directed by David Ayer, apparently staged a battle scene in the early hours of yesterday morning. The film is being made in and around Shirburn, Oxfordshire.

An extra said to The Mirror of Ayer: “It’s not as if he didn’t know that for many of us ­Remembrance Sunday is the most important day of the year. Instead of toasting our ­forebears whose bravery gave us this life we were charging through the countryside dressed as marauding Nazis… This was grotesquely disrespectful and offensive. I can’t believe I wore an SS uniform on Remembrance Sunday. But this is what I do and I cannot just walk off set for the sake of a principle, especially in this economic climate.”

Shadow Defence Minister Kevan Jones commented: “I’m astonished producers would not consider it to be ­inappropriate to film such scenes on Remembrance Sunday. And it is ­outrageous appeals from locals to reconsider plans to film on such an occasion were ignored.”

A statement was later released by the films producers, via The Guardian, saying that the night shoot started on the Saturday and finished at 2am on the Sunday morning. “The film honours the personal sacrifices of the men that died in World War II, and as writer/director David Ayer explains: ‘I have only the deepest esteem for the British military, its storied History and the sacrifices of those who have fallen.'”