Bryan Cranston slams Donald Trump: “He has a mental illness”

Cranston reckons that Trump is losing his grip on his voter-base.

Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston has hit out at President Donald Trump saying that the US leader is resonating less with his followers.

Cranston was interviewed while promoting his latest movie ‘Last Flag Flying’ which sees the actor play at Vietnam veteran reunite with his squad-mates to bury one of their sons killed in the Iraq war.

Speaking to Channel 4 news, Cranston said of Trump: “I never thought he [Trump] would be elected or make it through the first half a year. We are dealing with something that we have never dealt with before”.

“I think in all honesty and I don’t mean this in a flippant way, I think that our president has an illness and I don’t say that to try to draw out a laugh or anything. I think he has a mental illness.”

When the interviewer challenges Cranston’s use of “mental illness”, the actor responds: “That’s why I use the words ‘I think’. I’m not a doctor; I’m not one of those people who wish for his downfall. I want him to be successful. I honestly do because if he is then that then means that my country has improved”.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston interviewed on Channel 4

Meanwhile, Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda has hit out at Donald Trump after the US President made insensitive comments about Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Following Trump’s ignorant and petit criticisms of San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, Miranda responded saying that the President is “going straight to hell.” “No long lines for you,” he tweeted. “Someone will say, “Right this way, sir.” They’ll clear a path.”

You can still donate to the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico via the Hispanic Federation’s UNIDOS campaign here.