Carey Mulligan discusses ‘tricky character’ in ‘The Great Gatsby’

Actress portrays Daisy Buchanan in big screen adaptation of F Scott Fitzgerald's novel…

Carey Mulligan has spoken about her role in the forthcoming The Great Gatsby film and described her character Daisy Buchanan as being “tricky”.

Mulligan, who will star alongside Leonardo Di Caprio and Toby Maguire in the Baz Luhrmann-directed adaptation, told Total Film: “Daisy is kind of a tricky character, because she contradicts herself constantly, but she’s also not very consistently laid out. She’s eccentric, but seems to feel things passionately, but not necessarily for very long.”

Speaking about the size of the film, meanwhile, she added: “This is the biggest film I’ve ever been in. The scale of it is huge in comparison to all the films I’ve done. The party scenes [Luhrmann] directs through a megaphone. And he speaks personally to all of the dancers and the extras. So the parties look so wild because he’s the one who is riling them up and everyone has such a good time.”

The Great Gatsby was originally slated for release in December 2012, but Warner Bros made a decision to push back the release date “to ensure this unique film reaches the largest audience possible”. It is now set to open in UK cinemas on May 17.

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