Cult shocker ‘Nekromantik’ to get UK release after 27-year ban

Uncut version given 18 certificate for November DVD release

The cult horror film Nekromantik will finally be released in the UK after being on the British Board of Film Classification’s banned list for 27 years.

The uncut version of the 1987 German shocker from director Jorg Buttgereit will be available on DVD in November.

Distributor Arrow Films have revealed via their Facebook page and The Guardian that the BBFC have given the film an 18 certificate.

At the time the film was considered the ultimate in bad taste with its macabre boy meets girl meets corpse sex scenes. The film’s main character is a street sweeper who brings home the corpse for him and his wife.

In recent years the films of Lars von Trier (including Antichrist and Nymphomaniac) and shockers like The Human Centipede have attempted to push the boundaries of what is acceptable on screen. Critics generally now view films like Nekromantik as tame by comparison.

Nekromantik will be released on DVD through Arrow Video in November. It is also being screened in London as part of this year’s Scalarama (a celebration of left field cinema) and will be shown at venues nationwide this month.

Watch the film’s original trailer below.