DeVito and Schwarzenegger still want to make ‘Triplets’ with Eddie Murphy

The actors are all keen but the sequel doesn't have a script yet

Danny DeVito has revealed that he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are still keen to make a somewhat unlikely sequel to Twins.

In the 1988 comedy, DeVito and Schwarzenegger play chalk and cheese characters who discover they are non-identical twins conceived in a botched genetic experiment and separated at birth. While Schwarzenegger’s Julius inherited all the “desirable traits” of the parents, DeVito’s Vincent got saddled with the “genetic trash”.

Last March (2012), it was revealed that Universal Pictures is planning a belated sequel called Triplets. In the new movie, Julius and Vincent will find out they have a third brother played by Eddie Murphy.

Speaking in June (2012), Schwarzenegger said that Universal “has moved it along”, but admitted the sequel had no screenwriter yet. Since then, little has been heard about Triplets.

Now DeVito has provided an update, telling ShortList that the sequel is still looking for a screenwriter. He explained: “We want to do Triplets, but we’ve got to get Universal off of its butt. We’ve got to get a script. [Arnie and I] had dinner with Eddie Murphy, and he likes the idea. It’s been going on for six or eight months now. We don’t want it to be fluff just because it’s Twins 2… We want it to be great.”