‘Die Hard 6’ moving forward with working title and possible screenwriter

Bruce Willis has confirmed he'll be back as John McClane, but the project is in its early stages

Die Hard 6 has been given a working title: Die Hardest.

Bruce Willis has recently confirmed that a sixth film is in the works and now the project has found a possible screenwriter. British scribe Ben Trebilcook is currently working on a treatment for the sequel, Total Film reports.

The fifth film in the series, A Good Day To Die Hard, opened in cinemas this February (2013) and has grossed over $300 million (£190 million) worldwide despite being slated by film critics. Larry D Webster, a consulting producer on the movie, gave Trebilcook the go-ahead to write a treatment for the next instalment, but the screenwriter has yet to land the job officially.

“Getting Larry’s support was great, but there are many hurdles to leap yet and two of those are called Bruce Willis and [producer] Alex Young,” Trebilcook told Total Film. “[There’s] the possibility producers might go back and find some other source material to base the next one on, like they did with the first and second.”

Describing his treatment for Die Hard 6, Trebilcook said: “It is extremely faithful to the franchise and characters and is a natural progression. It’s also a very plausible storyline.” Trebilcook’s story apparently begins in New York before moving to Tokyo for the bulk of the movie.

Bruce Willis first played no-nonsense New York cop John McClane in the 1988 action classic Die Hard. He has now reprised the role in four sequels: 1990’s Die Hard 2, 1995’s Die Hard With A Vengeance, 2007’s Live Free And Die Hard and this year’s A Good Day To Die Hard.