Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would beat Trump in Presidential election, says new poll

Wrestler-turned-actor has also seen his odds of becoming the next US President halved by bookies

A new poll finds that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would beat Donald Trump in a Presidential election battle, as bookies cut the star’s odds of becoming the next US President by half.

The wrestler-turned-actor recently said that he would be open to a possible Presidential bid in the future and has revealed what he’d do if he were President.

A new poll by Public Policy Polling finds that if Johnson ran as a Democrat he would lead Trump with a margin of 42/37. Meanwhile, 36 percent of voters see Johnson positively compared to 13 percent who have a negative view of the star.

Speculation over Johnson’s political future has seen bookmakers BetStars cut his odds of winning the 2020 election to 50/1. He is deemed as more likely to become the next President than Kanye West or Ivanka Trump (both 100/1) and the same likelihood as former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg.

BetStars Director of Trading Ian Marmion said: “We’ve trimmed down the odds of The Rock winning the 2020 Presidential Election from 100/1 to 50/1 due to an outpouring of public support for his bid. His fans have been vocal with their support on social media, suggesting that while his potential as a politician is raw, it doesn’t matter.”

“Some of Trump’s critics believe the nation hit rock bottom with his election, but the current White House resident isn’t entirely on the ropes and remains 11/4 favourite to be re-elected in three years’ time. If the American people do decide to give Trump the elbow in 2020, Dwayne Johnson would certainly be a popular man to wrestle the position away from him!”

Johnson is reportedly a registered Republican and spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2000. However, he also attended the Democratic National Convention that same year.