Ewan McGregor open to ‘Trainspotting’ sequel

Actor says he wouldn't rule out starring in 'Porno'...

Ewan McGregor has claimed that he is open-minded about the possibility of starring in a sequel to Trainspotting.

The 1996 film, adapted from an Irvine Welsh novel and directed by Danny Boyle, helped McGregor’s rise to stardom. Welsh wrote a sequel tome in 2002 titled Porno which led to speculation that another film could be made, but the actor previously said he was reluctant to make the flick as it could tarnish the original’s reputation.

Speaking to the Daily Record, however, he has seemingly softened his stance and said: “I know in the past I always said I wouldn’t do anything that would damage the reputation of the movie Trainspotting because I wouldn’t want to do a poor sequel, but at the same time, I would always read it if I was sent it. I was never in the position where they’ve asked me to do it.”

In July of last year, it was reported that Trainspotting had received a huge boost in popularity following Danny Boyle’s well-received Olympic Opening Ceremony. After a peak of 27 million UK TV viewers watched the four-hour spectacle, sales of the film on Amazon increased by 5,800%.