Here’s a trailer for a documentary on the scary clown craze

'Behind The Sightings' is based on 112 hours of footage captured by a couple investigating the craze across America

A trailer has been released for a documentary looking into the scary clown craze that swept the world last year.

The clown craze saw people dressing up in “evil” clown costumes and were usually spotted near forests or schools. Sighting were reported across America and Canada, with the craze spreading to the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Latin America.

Behind The Sightings, directed Tony Cadwell, is based on 112 hours of footage collected by a husband and wife who investigated the sightings across the US. The documentary sees them visit Greenville, South Carolina to try and shed some light on the first reported sighting in the fad, which occurred in August 2016.

As Deadline reports, the film is set for release in October 2017 via Tommy V Films. The company’s Tommy Vlahopoulous said: “Clowns have traditionally been associated with slapstick style performance, comedy or mime, but there has always been a dark side to a clown. This is not fake news, Behind the Sightings is centered around the terrifying clown sightings that shook the world last year, and an eager couple swept up in all the phenomenon. This is a very newsworthy subject, especially with all the continuous clown sightings.”

Watch the trailer below.

Meanwhile, earlier this year real life clowns hit out at the forthcoming remake of Stephen King’s It, which is due for release on September 7.

Some members of the professional clowning community are less than impressed with the movie. Celine Harland from Glasgow – who has performed as Tickles the clown for 17 years – told the Press Association: “It’s a horror movie and it affects people’s thoughts and opinions on what a clown is. Unfortunately, it’s not like Jaws which is unrealistic, we do have clowns in society, and yes it will affect business, of course it will.”

Harland added: “I have parents and teachers phoning me… they’re scared to hire you for 35 kids in case they’ve got one child who will be upset.”