Joe Cornish to direct ‘Star Trek 3’?

'Attack The Block' director is reportedly Paramount Pictures' first choice to replace JJ Abrams

Attack The Block director Joe Cornish is reportedly being lined up to direct Star Trek 3.

Cornish, known for being one half of Adam & Joe, is said to be Paramount Pictures’ first choice to take over the franchise from JJ Abrams, who is currently director the upcoming Star Wars movie, reports Deadline.

Making his directorial debut on Attack The Block, a movie about British teenagers staving off an invasion from aliens, Cornish has also contributed to The Adventures of Tin Tin script and co-wrote Ant-Man, which is going to be directed by Edgar Wright.

Cornish is currently working on an adaptation of the novel Snow Crash for Paramount. It is early days for announcements on who will direct the third Star Trek movie in this rebooted franchise, but shooting is expected to start in summer 2014.