‘Juno’ writer Diablo Cody to script ‘Evil Dead’ remake

Oscar winner is bought in to polish horror flick

The Evil Dead remake has been confirmed today, with Oscar winning screenwriter Diablo Cody on hand to give the script a finishing touch.

On Tuesday, news came through that the Evil Dead franchise was to resurface but it was uncertain if this would be in the shape of a fourth instalment or a remake.

Diablo Cody is the latest name to be attached to the project, joining the new director Federico Alvarez. In a press release producers Sam Raimi – pictured below – Rob Tapert and Bruce Campbell said: “We are committed to making this movie and are inspired by the enduring popularity and enthusiasm for the Evil Dead series.”

“We can’t wait to scare a new generation of moviegoers using filmmaking techniques that were not available to us thirty years ago as well as Fede [director Federico Alvarez] bringing a fresh eye to the film’s original elements.”

You can read the full press release over at Collider.

After winning an Academy Award for her script for Juno, Diablo Cody went on to write and direct Jennifer’s Body starring Megan Fox. The film was seen as a flop, only just scraping back its production budget in the US.

Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures will produce the remake. Lionsgate will handle international sales.