Kevin Smith says he has finished ‘Clerks 3’ script

Writer-director compares the final part of his 'Clerks' trilogy to 'The Empire Strikes Back'

Kevin Smith has revealed he has completed his script for Clerks III.

Smith posted a picture of the finished manuscript with a clapboard used on the original Clerks film on his Facebook page yesterday (May 13). He also left the following rather excitable message: “IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! CLERKS III, FIRST DRAFT! At 137 pages, it plays like THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of what’s now become the Clerks Trilogy.”

The writer-director only began drafting the script on March 8, predicting at the time: “I have come to a conclusion… CLERKS III will be the best film I’ll ever make.”

However, Smith has been playing with ideas for a third and final Clerks story for over a year. Last April (2012), he announced plans to make Clerks 3 as a Broadway musical, before revealing in December that he had changed his mind and decided to make another movie. This February (2013), he said he wanted to release Clerks 3 as a book before it becomes a feature film.

Released in 1994, Clerks was a quirky comedy about a pair of slacker shop assistants played by Jeff Anderson and Brian O’Halloran. Smith’s film is now considered a cult classic and he also wrote and directed the popular sequel, Clerks II, which came out in 2006.