Lars von Trier makes first public appearance since Cannes scandal in 2011

'Nymphomaniac' director appeared via laptop at the Venice film festival to announce TV series

Lars von Trier has made a first public appearance since the scandal of his Hitler remarks at the 2011 Cannes film festival.

The director materialised briefly via a live feed to a laptop at the Venice film festival before details emerged about his new TV project.

The Danish filmmaker’s TV series The House That Jack Built will be shot in English and air in 2016.

The director’s unannounced appearance in Venice followed the screening of a new five-and-a-half hour cut of his 2013 film Nymphomaniac.

Deadline reports that von Trier’s producer Louise Vesth refused to offer any plot details to reporters in Venice but claimed the director has a “great idea”.

Vesth added: “He wants a huge cast and from what I heard I’m sure that it will be something that you have never seen before and you will definitely never see it again.”

No stranger to controversy, von Trier had taken a “vow of silence” following his remarks about Hitler while promoting his film Melancholia at the Cannes film festival in 2011. The Danish director joked he was a Nazi and said he “sympathised with Hitler a little bit”.

Lars von Trier has previously worked in television making the eight-part miniseries The Kingdom (1994) set inside a run down Danish hospital.