Matt Damon won’t shit or piss until world water crisis is solved – video

'Bourne Identity' actor goes on 'toilet strike'

Matt Damon has announced that he will refuse to go to the toilet until the world water crisis is solved – watch the video below.

Ok, the Bourne Identity actor isn’t actually being serious – that would be silly – but the co-founder of has released a humorous video, in which he addresses an assembled pack of dumfounded journalists to announce that he is to go on a “toilet strike”, to raise awareness for water and sanitation problems in the developing world.

“In protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom,” says Damon in his announcement.

The whole point of the video is to raise awareness for the 2.5billion people who don’t have access to toilet facilities. According to, it’s an issue that causes water pollution that inevitably leads to wide-spread disease and death.

Speaking in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Matt Damon said he hopes that the video will be shared by millions of people for its humorous content and awareness for the issue will be widened.

“The concept of experimenting with comedy to generate new levels of awareness and participation in the cause is something we’ve been toying with for a couple of years, he said. “If Sarah Silverman and I can generate millions of views on YouTube for something ridiculous, then we should be able to do better for one of the most important and solvable issues of our time.”

Matt Damon is encouraging supporters to join him on his Strike With Me campaign in the lead up to World Water Day on March 22.