Melissa McCarthy on ‘Bridesmaids 2’: ‘I’d do anything if Kristen Wiig writes it’

However, star and co-writer Wiig has always seemed reluctant to make a sequel

Melissa McCarthy has revealed that she is still keen to make Bridesmaids 2.

McCarthy received an Oscar nomination for her performance as straight-talking Megan in the original Bridesmaids, which was co-written by star Kristen Wiig with screenwriter Annie Mumolo. Released in 2011, the R-rated comedy became an unexpected hit at the box office, grossing over $288 million (£183 million) worldwide.

Speaking last year (2012), McCarthy said that making a sequel without Wiig would be a “terrible idea”. Wiig has always seemed against the idea of a second movie.

Now McCarthy has re-iterated that Bridesmaids 2 depends on the writers. When asked about a sequel by HitFix, McCarthy said: “I would do anything… if Kristen [Wiig] and Annie [Mumolo] wrote something, if it was like on the back of a napkin and they wanted me to perform it in the backyard, I would do it. But I’ll let those ladies decide that.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy and Bridesmaids director Paul Feig recently teamed up again for a cop comedy called The Heat, which co-stars Sandra Bullock. The film opens in UK cinemas on April 5 – scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the trailer.