‘Pacific Rim’ could become the next big cinematic universe

'Uprising' is being planned as a "launching pad" for future films

The upcoming Pacific Rim: Uprising is being prepped as a “launching pad” for a whole new cinematic universe.

Director Steven S DeKnight made the comments in a new interview with the Nerdist. Asked if he would like to see the Pacific Rim franchise expand out into a wider cinematic universe, in the same way as Marvel’s ongoing franchises, he replied: “I’m certainly hoping so. I think you’ll definitely probably get more comics. The plan was always to use this movie as a launching pad. If enough people show up to this, we’ve already talked about the plot of the third movie.”

DeKnight continued: “The end of the third movie would expand the universe to a Star Wars/Star Trek-style [franchise] where you can go in many, many different directions. You can go main canon, you can go spin-offs, you can go one-offs. That’s the plan.”

Earlier this week, the first trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising was released. A sequel to the 2013 original film, it’s set for release on March 23 2018.

It finds John Boyega’s Jake Pentecost leading a crew of mechanised ‘Jaeger’ fighters against an even greater ‘Kaiju’ threat than shown in the first film. Boyega – who is also on board as a producer – has called it “larger than life”.