People think Tom Cruise has been driving around with Jeremy Corbyn

Photo of Labour leader's aide goes viral online

A photo of Jeremy Corbyn in a car after his driver ran over the foot of a BBC cameraman has gone viral online with social media users spotting what appears to be Tom Cruise riding backseat with the Labour Party leader.

Earlier today (May 11), the police protection car Corbyn was travelling in ran over the foot of BBC cameraman Giles Wooltorton. Corbyn had been heading to a meeting to agree his party’s general election manifesto. Wooltorton has since been treated for a swollen and bruised foot.

But instead of the ran-over foot being the talk of Twitter, Corbyn’s Cruise-lookalike associate instead stole all the attention. “Forget the cameraman’s foot, what is Tom Cruise doing in Jeremy Corbyn’s car?”, one user tweeted. Another added: “Mission Impossible starring Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Cruise”.

The man in question wasn’t actually Cruise though, it was James Schneider, Corbyn’s aide and Head of Strategic Communications. You can see a frontal photo of Schneider beneath.

This week has seen Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell endorse Jeremy Corbyn as the UK’s next PM.

Yesterday (May 10), Rowsell urged fans to “leave your reservations on the Labour Party, on Corbyn, on the British political voting system behind for the next month” and said the public could turn “this unexpected, snakey snap election into a blessing.”

She continued: “I have come back from America knowing two things for sure, 1. that we have made a great album lol and 2. that private healthcare is the most shameful, terrifying and heartless thing.

“I don’t want to live in a country run by people who don’t agree with that. A vote for the conservatives is a vote to sign away our NHS (and all our other public services for that matter) to rich corporate billionaires who quite frankly don’t give a shit about you or anyone else except themselves.”

Rowsell also tweeted a link to Corbyn’s policies, noting they might be otherwise hard to find “cos all you can find online is a constant drill of how he won’t win (stop fucking telling me that)”. She concluded: “and u wonder why May is not doing any public debates!”