Robert Downey Jr buys ‘Black Mirror’ film rights

'Iron Man' actor will produce Hollywood version of 'The Entire History Of You'

Robert Downey Jr has bought the film rights to an episode of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror.

The Iron Man actor will produce the Hollywood version of the sci-fi anthology series’ The Entire History Of You, which was written by Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong. The screenwriter is also on board to pen the big screen adaptation, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

The episode centred on a world where people have the ability to replay memories via a brain implant. Original screened on December 11, 2011 the show starred Toby Kebbell as a jealous husband who used the replay “grain” to uncover evidence that his wife was cheating on him.

The film version is slightly different. Set in the near future, a widower uses the technology to reconstruct his relationship with his dead wife and unwittingly uncovers a conspiracy.

While Robert Downey Jr is currently not attached to appear in the film, which is in pre-production with Warner Bros. and Team Downey productions, the actor will oversee the project as a producer.

The second series of Black Mirror began on Channel Four last night (February 11). Titled Be Right Back, the episode was written by Charlie Brooker who pens all three episodes of the new series.