Secret Cinema announces 30th anniversary ‘Back To The Future’ event in LA

Immersive film experience company to launch in the US

Secret Cinema are planning a 30th anniversary screening of Back To The Future in Los Angeles next summer.

The immersive film experience company is preparing to launch in America early next year with its Tell No One strand which keeps audiences guessing the film they’re going to see until they arrive on the night.

Secret Cinema’s summer screenings of the Michael J Fox adventure Back To The Future got off to a rocky start in the UK in July when the first night was cancelled due to “unavoidable circumstances”. The company recreated the town of Hill Valley from the 1985 Robert Zemeckis film at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Leaving their mobile phones at the door, audiences were encouraged to attend in fancy dress and become part of the experience alongside actors.

In the end, over 75,000 people attended the screenings including the film’s writer Bob Gale who called it “a truly amazing experience”.

Gale added: “The recreation of Hill Valley was wonderful, the cast was outstanding, the bands were terrific, and the enhanced presentation of the film was awesome. And let’s not forget the audiences: they were fabulous… Their passion for the film really pushed everything over the top…”

Speaking about the planned event in Los Angeles, Gale said: “I can’t imagine a better way to kick off the film’s 30th anniversary.”

Secret Cinema’s founder and creative director Fabien Riggall claims his company have reinvented the way films can be experienced and said in a press release: “Audiences are looking for something different, they want to be part of the story and take part in an adventure through the films and music they love. We shall continue to push the boundaries of what we do to allow for another way of experiencing culture.”