‘Skyfall’ Oscar snub is a ‘great pity’, says Judi Dench

Adele's Bond theme was recognised, but the film failed to pick up a Best Picture nomination

Judi Dench has responded to Skyfall‘s disappointing performance in this year’s Oscar nominations, which were announced in LA yesterday (January 10).

Adele‘s Bond theme ‘Skyfall’ has been nominated for Best Original Song and Sam Mendes‘ film will compete for four other awards in technical categories. However, Skyfall failed to become the first Bond film to earn a Best Picture nomination and Dench and co-star Javier Bardem were frozen out of the acting categories.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4 yesterday, Dench said: “I’m very, very sorry that nothing has been recognised. That’s a great pity. I thought Sam Mendes directed it absolutely beautifully. It was a terrific film.”

She also praised Bardem’s performance as the film’s charismatic antagonist Raoul Silva, saying: “I thought he really hit the Bond villain right on the head there. He was just terrific.”

When asked if she thought there could be Oscar snobbery towards Bond films, she replied: “There may be. I don’t know. I hope not. I just think that all round it was really wonderfully directed and presented and filmed and lit and shot. But I’ve got a Bafta nomination and that’s terrific.”

Skyfall will compete for eight prizes at the Bafta Awards in London on February 10, including acting accolades for Dench and Bardem. Since its release in October (2012), Skyfall has become the most successful Bond film ever, grossing over $1.023 billion (£630 million) worldwide.