Steven Spielberg postpones new sci-fi film ‘Robopocalypse’ indefinitely

Anne Hathaway was due to star, with Chris Hemsworth and Ben Whishaw in talks for roles

Steven Spielberg has postponed what was due to be his next movie indefinitely.

Robopocalypse would have been the director’s first excursion into the sci-fi genre since 2005’s War Of The Worlds. The film is based on an acclaimed novel by Daniel H Wilson, which follows the human race’s attempt to survive an attack from its own robot servants.

Shooting was due to begin within a few months, but the director has now decided to apply the brakes. His spokesman Martin Levy told The Hollywood Reporter that the project was “too important and the script is not ready, and it’s too expensive to produce. It’s back to the drawing board to see what is possible”.

The film had already attracted Anne Hathaway, who said in November: “If Robopocalypse happens I will be in it.” Spielberg was keen to cast Chris Hemsworth as the male lead and wanted Ben Whishaw to take a key supporting role.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Spielberg’s next project as director is now unclear. His current film Lincoln, a biopic starring Daniel Day-Lewis, is expected to feature heavily when this year’s Oscar nominations are announced later today (January 10). Scroll down and click ‘play’ to watch the trailer.