Leonardo DiCaprio to star in new Quentin Tarantino movie?

The film focuses on the Manson family.

Quentin Tarantino is reportedly eyeing up Leonardo DiCaprio for his ninth full-length movie.

Based on the Manson family murders, the film is yet to have an official title and is currently being referred to as ‘#9’.

Tarantino was previously working with The Weinstein Company but parted ways with the film studio after news of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct surfaced.

The film is reportedly being offered to a number of studios – excluding Disney due to it’s ‘R Rated’ status – with Tarantino rumoured to be eyeing up some of his past leading actor, including DiCaprio.

A part is reportedly being written for DiCaprio, while parts are also being put aside for Brad Pitt and Samuel L Jackson. Neither DiCaprio, Pitt nor Jackson have officially signed on.

While the film is based on the Manson family, Charles Manson is said to be a “background character” in the plot, much like Adolf Hitler in Tarantino’s movie ‘Inglorious Bastards’.

Margot Robbie and Jennifer Lawrence have also reportedly been considered for the role of murder victim Sharon Tate.

The movie is expected to shoot in next year, with a rumoured 2019 release, once it’s picked up by a new film studio.

Last month, Tarantino admitted that he should have spoken out against long-time collaborator Harvey Weinstein sooner.

The director acknowledged that he knew of Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct long before the allegations were disclosed in articles published by The New York Times and The New Yorker in October.

“I knew enough to do more than I did,” Tarantino admitted. “There was more to it than just the normal rumours, the normal gossip. It wasn’t secondhand. I knew he did a couple of these things.”

He continued, “I wish I had taken responsibility for what I heard. If I had done the work I should have done then, I would have had to not work with him.”