‘The Big Lebowski’ sequel hoax fools the internet

A fake story about a sequel to 'The Big Lebowski' fools several online news outlets

A fake story about a sequel to The Big Lebowski fooled several online news outlets last week.

Last Thursday (June 27), parody website Super Official News posted a story claiming that original stars Jeff Bridges and John Goodman had signed up for a belated sequel to the 1998 comedy. The Coen Brothers were said to be writing and directing the second film, with filming due to begin in October.

Several news outlets, including CBS Los Angeles, picked up on the story, which spread across the internet before the reports were dismissed. CBS Los Angeles later confirmed: “Not so fast Lebowski fans! We are now told that this story is bogus! The “sequel” story first surfaced in 2011 and took up traction today — but we have now learned it is false. Fans waiting for a sequel … will have to wait a little while longer. Sorry for the “Big” letdown.”

The Big Lebowski, starring Bridges as “The Dude” and Goodman as his friend Walter Sobchak, has become a cult favourite since its release in 1998. The film has spawned its own annual festival, Lebowski Fest, and an online religion called Dudeism, but the Coen Brothers have consistently claimed to have no interest in making a sequel.

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